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Bulletproof Coffee

By Guest Author: Nadine Jackson, ND

Bullet proof coffee is a new trend in the online diet community. Basically it is adding 4 tbsp of butter/coconut oil or medium chain triglycerides (MCT-a type of fat found in butter and coconut oil) to your morning coffee. You blend it up into a frothy beverage and voila, you are set until lunch. The bending is key as you need to blend in all the fat content otherwise it just floats on top of your coffee and tastes terrible!

Medium chain triglycerides have been shown in studies to reduce waist circumference, but only a couple of studies produced a significant decrease in weight. Men had better results in fat reduction than women. In general it is safe, unless you have liver cirrhosis or diabetes. The most common adverse effect was stomach upset, nausea and loose stools.

There are enough calories in this drink to carry you over to lunch- but if you try it out have a small breakfast on hand just in case. Keep in mind that only having fat and coffee for breakfast doesn’t give you all the nutrients you need- protein and carbohydrates keeping the body running efficiently.  Another thing to consider is that the caffeine and acidity of coffee can cause indigestion and aggravate conditions like ulcers and heartburn. Listen to your body and notice any changes that happen when you try out new foods and diet plans.

As far as fad diets go, this one does seem to have some proof to back it up its fat loss claims. I tried it out for a month and it really did keep me full and feeling energized all morning. I stopped because the coffee gave me afternoon headaches and left me feeling jittery.

FINAL THOUGHT: If you are a coffee lover, try out coconut oil in your coffee instead of cream for a week and see how it works for you. If you don’t like coffee you can add it to an almond milk chai tea latte, sooooo tasty! You may find a new morning ritual that helps to support your healthy lifestyle, if not, you go back to your old routine and no harm done.


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